Lightmotiff models are original solutions for lighting fixtures, their mission is for you to be able to create and enjoy these works of art by assembling them. Assembling the kits does not require any preparatory practice or experience. Following the detailed and comprehensive instructions of the manufacturer, even a beginner can build his model. Pay a little attention, perseverance, patience and parental help to the young participants. The kits include a cable set, precision laser-cut wooden sheets with well-fitting parts for breaking and safety and assembly instructions. Following an illustrated color guide, young and old, embark on a world of fairytale light, authored by you. The prefabricated lamp from the whole family is a prerequisite for a more unconventional and exciting experience. An unusual and exciting gift for you and your loved ones, with options for engraving messages for all kinds of events and occasions.

MADE OF WOOD - we care about the environment and what will happen to our models over time. Because they are made of wood, they are useful not only for you but also for our planet!

The main component is birch, which is renewable and therefore 100% environmentally friendly material that fully complies with current regulations for climate protection and the environment.

EASY ASSEMBLY - our models do not need glue or special tools to connect the parts. All details are easy to press and break, using a wooden thread, instruction in several languages. It is also indicated where to pay special attention. Just read the safety instructions carefully and follow the color illustrated assembly guide to enjoy making the models in the box.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Our models are not just lighting fixtures, but a certain idea embedded in each model. The wide variety of models will satisfy every refined taste. The main task in the design of our original models is to be on different topics - classic, children's, steampunk, floral motifs, animals, real life models and many others, each of which has a name that carries a message in every home. The beautiful vision of all models is a prerequisite for great decoration at home.

HIGH QUALITY - Our models are made in Europe from high quality wood. They are strong and long lasting. Our products are tested and certified in a CE laboratory and meet all EU standards.

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